Solvent Sealer For Decorative Concrete,Stamped Concrete, Natural Stones, Bricks, Pebbles, Wall Cladding, Concrete

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7000 Gallon/Gallons per Week
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QC Quality Concrete Construction Products Madera California
Solvent Sealer


This quality solvent-based penetrating sealer is designed to seal stamped concrete and regular gray concrete, terrazzo and brick

Uses and Benefits


QC offer five high-quality solvent-based sealers: QC Ultra Seal, QC Solvent Seal VO C III, QC Solvent Seal 27, QC Solvent Seal 23 and QC Solvent Seal 18.

 When applied according to directions, QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALERS provide a breathable, non-yellowing protective finish and enhance exterior concrete, terrazzo, brick and masonry surfaces. Please see Limitations section of this bulletin for important information regarding interior use, vapors and flammability.


QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALERS provide medium to higher gloss finishes, depending on substrate, product used and number of coats applied. QC recommends a minimum of two coats for best results. Always test in an inconspicuous area for desired gloss and compatibility.


QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALERS are excellent choices for sealing and enhancing the following surfaces:


Colored, imprinted concrete Colored concrete that has been uncoated or stripped  

Concrete that has been treated with water-based stain, acid stain, or dye that has been uncoated or stripped Color hardened concrete that has been uncoated or stripped Uncolored concrete that has been uncoated or stripped Exterior concrete surfaces that will weather naturally Exposed aggregate These sealers protect surfaces against dusting, staining and dirt with nonyellowing finishes. The sealers enrich the tone of concrete colored with QC COLORTECH-E*, QC COLORTECH*, QC COLOR HARDENER* and QC THIN-PAVE NI*, as well as accentuate the surface character of concrete treated with QC PAT INA STA IN*, QC CEMTINT* or QC CONCRETE DYE*.


Tinted QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALERS are not meant to be the primary coloring system. Any one of these tinted sealers should be used with another QC concrete coloring product.


Before Any Application

 1. When using any QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER , the surface must be clean and

completely dry before application. If the surface is not clean or completely dry, the

sealer may turn white or hazy, or the sealer may fail to form a proper film. If excessive

moisture in the concrete is suspected, contact QC CON STR UCTION PRO DUCTS for technical assistance before applying a QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER .

 2. Before applying product to new or existing concrete, test the QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALERS in an inconspicuous area for desired results. For any questions regarding application, contact QC CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS.


Application to New Concrete



Do not apply any QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER to fresh concrete. These sealers are not compounds. Allow at least 7 days for concrete to cure or wait until the concrete has reached a uniform color. For optimum results, allow concrete to cure for 28 days or longer.


1. The surface should be completely clean and dry before application. Use QC Concrete Degreaser and Neutralizer* diluted with at least 2 ounces per gallon of water for cleaning. If applying over old lacquer or sealer, test a small area to determine compatibility. Loose, flaky sealer should be removed using a high-pressure washer. QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALERS should be applied undiluted with a high-quality pump-up or airless sprayer.

 2. Important: When applying a QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER, do not allow the sealer to puddle. Maintain a wet edge to avoid roller marks. Apply the sealer as uniformly as possible without leaving either spaces or puddles. Multiple thin applications will give better results than a single, heavy application.

 3. Two light coats of a QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER , at the recommended coverage rate, are usually sufficient to seal and protect. However, for increased gloss, durability and extra protection, apply additional coats after initial coats are dry.


Application to Existing or Old Concrete

 1. Surface must be thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and allowed to dry. To clean surface, use one part QC CONCRETE DEGREASER AND NEUTRALIZER* to eight parts water. On smooth surfaces, scrub in with automatic scrubber or use a low-speed buffer equipped with scrubbing pads or brushes. After scrubbing surface, use a mop and ringer bucket with clean water to rinse the surface of remaining residue. On rough surfaces or textured concrete, use the same

equipment as with smooth surfaces but rinse with pressure washer.

 2. If applying sealer to existing concrete, paint or other coating, test prior to application in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility. For any questions regarding surface of existing concrete, contact QC CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS.

 3. After cleaning and testing surface, follow application steps listed above in the Before Any Application and Application to New Concrete sections.


Surface Treatment

 1. For areas where oil spills may occur, like parking garages and driveways, use the

QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER S according to application directions above. QC

SOLVENT -BASED SEALER S, upon initial contact with oil, will resist oil stains.

 2.However, if oil is left on the surface for an extended period of time or if the oil is not properly cleaned up, the oil may penetrate the sealer and go into the concrete. Should oil penetrate the sealer, that area can be cleaned with QC CONCRETE DEGREASER AND NEUTRALIZER* to remove oil and recoated with a QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER.



Use on interior concrete: If used on interior concrete, ensure adequate ventilation and block all HVA C ventilation ducts which may distribute solvent odor. 


Do not breathe vapors or spray mists. Ensure fresh air entry during application and drying.


Prevent buildup of vapors by opening all windows and doors to achieve cross-ventilation. Use only with adequate ventilation.


Do not apply when concrete surfaces or ambient temperatures are below 40 °F and above 90 °F. Use with adequate ventilation and keep away from open flames.


QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER S will protect concrete from dusting and soiling if applied properly, evenly, with adequate film thickness, and with sufficient coverage as outlined in the application directions. Insufficient number of coats when applying a QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER will result in inadequate protection for the concrete.


Coverage Rates and Drying Times

 Coverage rates may vary depending on the texture, porosity, condition of the concrete, the application method, and other local conditions. Two light coats of QC SOLVENT -BASED SEALER S at the recommended coverage rates are usually sufficient to seal and protect. However, if you want increased gloss, durability, and extra protection, apply additional coats after initial coats are dry.